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What do we do?

We organize highly effective English conversational lessons primarily focused on the young learners ( 6 to 16 years). We tend to step away from the conventional way of learning a language and focus our priorities on fun, interactive and intuitive way of learning, fully built around effective regular practice and all of it can be done through Skype.







Why Skype?

We tried everything, absolutely everything and we came to the conclusion that Skype demands the least and gives the best. Skype has many other attractive features that is absolutely essential for us like screensharing. Although one cannot say it's the most user-friendly application however it surely defeats most when it comes to Audio and Video quality. Myeworld is connected to people all over the World and requires a standard application that can be used by anyone not compromising the quality without being premium, Skype fits and has been our long friend.

Why Skype? 

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Find out more about the individual teachers on teachers' page →

Myeworld works with teachers from all over the world and they often have to go through an annoying screening process to work with us. The first two things we look for in teachers are excellent English proficiency and stability, the first condition isn't applicable for native English-speaking teachers though. Non-native English teachers have to go through a grammar proficiency test along with an interview with a native English speaker and have their English proficiency judged. We look into their experience, their passion and the ability to converse with young fellows. We wish and try our hardest to inspire teachers to creatively handle their students individually and in their own ways.



Class materials

If you already have an account, you can view the books here →

Class materials, we love class materials! Although class materials are not the primary focus on the lesssons, they're the milestones and they define the milestones. It's easy for conversations to get repeatetive even among friends and materials are there to stop that from happening and to get the best out of the 60 designated minutes in Myeworld. We have keenly picked books for each and every level and finely categorized them in the website.

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With Eric Decker either getting traded or being released, the Baltimore Ravens have to go all out to land the wide receiver.

Despite it being somewhat downplayed, the Baltimore Ravens offense had a relatively tepid outlook heading into 2017 after the draft. They beefed up their defense to make it exceptionally deep and strong. However, they failed to replace the departures of guys like Steve Smith Sr. and Kamar Aiken in the passing game.

However, the one ace in the hole that the Ravens had offensively was Dennis Pitta. Unfortunately for Baltimore,Justin Tucker Jersey the operative word there is “was”. Pitta suffered yet another hip injury in a disappointing line of them. Thus, his season was effectively determined to be over and the Ravens released the veteran tight end.

Now things are in a bad way for the Baltimore offense. And at this point in the offseason, the moves they can make to adjust are scarce. However, one move sticks out as the obvious play for the Ravens front office: pursuing Eric Decker.

When the New York Jets announced their intentions to try and trade Decker, and that they would release him if they couldn’t find a partner,Joe Flacco Jersey many people connected the dots to the Ravens. What’s more, there were reports that Baltimore had talked to the Jets about a trade, per Albert Breer of The MMQB. Three days since that report, however, and Decker remains with the Jets.

For the Ravens, though, this isn’t just a move that would make sense. Point blank,Dennis Pitta Jersey they have to get Eric Decker if they want to be a playoff team in 2017.

I’ve discussed on a number of occasions the shortcomings presented by the Ravens offense as currently constituted. Their receiving corps as of now consists of the wildly inconsistent Mike Wallace and the wholly unproven Breshad Perriman in terms of quality options. They don’t just need a body — they need a reliable playmaker. Decker is that surely, but he’s also a nice complement to Wallace and Perriman.

Even at his older age, Wallace still makes his bones as a deep threat. Meanwhile, Perriman is another player known for his speed. When you take those two and insert Decker into the mix,Eric Weddle Jersey the 30-year old out of Minnesota becomes a nasty possession target that can beat teams inside and that can open up the field for the duo already in-tow.

The fit of Decker in Baltimore is why he’s a far superior option to another available receiver in Jeremy Maclin. Again, adding Maclin wouldn’t be the worst thing considering how dire the Ravens’ need is. But he’s not nearly as natural of a fit in the current group as Decker.

Given that the Ravens have talked about a trade, though, the complicated issue becomes how they go about pursuing him. On one hand, the Jets have no leverage really in a trade if they’ve already said they intend to release him. Thus, Baltimore could just wait to sign him outright. But with other teams also being in need of Decker’s services, trying to sign him as a free agent creates the risk of him choosing to play elsewhere.